TV Special
My Life in Versailles

La vie de Château

Friday, February 5–Monday, February 15, 2021
Ages 8 & up

Dir. Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat and Nathaniel H’Limi, 2019, France. Color. 29 min.
With the voices of Frédéric Pierrot, Anne Alvaro
In English

Winner, Jury Prize Award for Best TV Special at the 2019 Annecy International Animation Film Festival

Recently orphaned, 8-year-old Violette is sent to live with her uncle Régis, who works as a groundskeeper at the Palace of Versailles. At first, Violette hates him. She thinks he stinks, and she keeps running away. Régis is not keen on being her caretaker either. He lives in a dirty cottage tucked away in the Sun King’s gardens and was long estranged from his sister, Violette’s mom. On the manicured grounds of Versailles and in the opulent rooms of the castle, Violette and Régis learn to trust each other.