Special Tribute: The Animated World of Paul Grimault

US Premiere

Friday, February 5–Monday, February 15, 2021
All Audiences

These newly restored shorts, made between 1942 and 1973 and shown in chronological order, open a window into the imagination of Paul Grimault, an icon of French animation.

The program includes the gem “The Little Soldier,” winner of the 1948 Venice International Film Festival’s International Award for Animated Film.

While his shorts became increasingly political, they all retain his trademark poetic style, exquisite colors, and wry wit. This body of work foreshadows his 1980 masterpiece, The King and the Mockingbird, also available to screen at the Festival.

Selected Shorts

79 min (8 shorts)
With English subtitles

  • The Note Seller (Le Marchand de notes), 1942, 10 min
  • The Passengers of the Great Bear (Les Passagers de la Grande Ourse), 1943, 9 min
  • The Scarecrow (L’Épouvantail), 1946, 10 min
  • The Lightning Rod Thief (Le Voleur de paratonnerres), 1946, 10 min
  • The Magic Flute (La Flûte magique), 1946, 9 min
  • The Little Soldier (Le Petit Soldat), 1948, 11 min
  • The Diamond (Le Diamant), 1970, 9 min
  • The Dog Who Loved Music (Le Chien mélomane), 1973, 11 min

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The King and the Mockingbird (Le Roi et l’Oiseau)

Friday, February 5–Monday, February 15, 2021
Ages 8 & up

This gem by the legendary French animator Paul Grimault—based on a tale by Hans Christian Andersen—follows a shepherdess and chimney sweep on the run from a tyrannical king with some help from a talking bird. This wildly satirical and surreal masterpiece tells of the corrupting nature of power.

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