Best of Annecy 2021: Spotlight on Women Directors

Online: Monday, February 14–Monday, February 21, 2022

Mature Audiences

The Annecy International Animation Film Festival is the biggest animated film festival in the world. Every year it brings animation lovers from around the globe to discover new animated gems, learn about current and future trends, and meet filmmakers and creators.

This year, in collaboration with Women in Animation, the International Animation Film Festival’s team curated a selection of shorts by women directors with films shown at the 2021 festival. Animation First is thrilled to present these films and put the spotlight on talented women filmmakers.

6 shorts, 56 min

No Leaders Please

Dir. Joan C. Gratz, USA, 2020, 2 min, color
In English

No Leaders Please is an animated film based on a poem by Charles Bukowski. Works inspired by artists Basquiat, Banksy, Haring, and A Weiwei illustrate the poem’s theme of self-invention.

It Rains (Llueve)

Dir. Carolina Corral Paredes, Magali Rocha Donnadieu, Mexico, 2021, 11 min, black & white
Without dialogue or commentary

Is that what mass graves are like, one body on top of the other and nothing else? Through the rain, Oliver sends signals to his mother to help her unearth the truth.

How to Be at Home

Dir. Andrea Dorfman, Canada, 2020, 5 min, color
US Premiere

Filmmaker Andrea Dorfman reunites with poet Tanya Davis to craft a tender and profound animation on the theme of isolation, providing a wise and soaringly lyrical sequel to their viral hit How to Be Alone.

What Resonates in Silence (Ce qui résonne dans le silence)

Dir. Marine Blin, France, 2020, 8 min, color
In French with English subtitles
NY Premiere

Hiding death doesn’t make it disappear. A young girl suffers from the adults’ silence and feels unable to mourn. As an adult, she finds her way to recover.

The Awakening of the Insects (Le Réveil des insectes)

Dir. Stéphanie Lansaque, François Leroy, France, 2020, 14 min, color
In Cantonese with English subtitles
US Premiere

Mr Lam, an old man who has lost his memory, receives an unexpected visit from old Ms. Meng, who is a Taoist exorcist determined to chase the demons lodged in his head.

Affairs of the Art

Dir. Joanna Quinn, UK, Canada, 2021, 16 min, color
In English
NY Premiere

Academy Awards 2022 – Nominated for Best Animated Short Film
Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2021 – Jury Distinction “Special Distinction for Direction”

Beryl’s back in Affairs of the Art, which showcases one family’s eccentric yet endearing obsessions with everything from drawing to pet taxidermy.