Pictanovo Presents

Online: Monday, February 14–Monday, February 21, 2022

Mature Audiences

Pictanovo – images en Hauts-de-France, dedicated to supporting audiovisual and film production in the Hauts-de-France region, is a respected breeding ground for animation studios. This program gathers some of the best animated shorts they have supported over the last decade.

8 shorts, 95 min


Dir. Jonathan Hodgson, France, UK, 2018, 15 min, color
In English
US Premiere

Winner – BAFTA Film Award – Best Short Animation

Three friends embark on a new adventure in a strange town, but when a manipulative new member joins their gang, their loyalty is torn apart with terrifying consequences.

Sororal (Sororelles)

Dir. Frédéric Even, Louise Mercadier, France, 2019, 15 min, color
In French with English subtitles
NY Premiere

Three sisters are facing an impending disaster: the imminent flooding by the Sea where they live. In the midst of such chaos, their sisterly union is shaken and each of them experiences the imminence of death, within inner selves, in a different way.

The Ogre (L'Ogre)

Dir. Laurène Braibant, France, 2021, 10 min, color
Without dialogue or commentary
NY Premiere

An insecure giant is terrified at the prospect of revealing his ogresque self and compromising his place in the society.
During a business banquet, his true nature will be put to the test.

Madagascar, a Journey Diary (Madagascar, carnet de route)

Dir. Bastien Dubois, Fiji, France, 2010, 12 min, color
In French with English subtitles
US Premiere

Nominee – Academy Award 2011

Pages turn and drawings come to life in this extraordinary discovery of the Red Island, in particular Famadihana, where the dead come back to life.

Love Patate

Dir. Gilles Cuvelier, France, 2010, 13 min, color
In French with English subtitles

Critic’s Week – Cannes Film Festival 2010

Love Patate: some french fries, a love triangle, a potato with a scar, a huge nose, the North of France and a bunny…

Mondo Domino

Dir. Suki, France, 2021, 6 min, color
Without dialogue or commentary
NY Premiere

In a deafening symphony of chainsaws, loggers happily hum while they cut down trees to be used as decor for a fashion show. This contemporary cartoon satire exists in the form of a burlesque action musical tragi-comedy.


Dir. Špela Čadež, Slovenia, Germany, France, 2020, 9 min, color
In Slovenian with English subtitles
US Premiere

Nominated for Best Animated Short Subject – Annie Awards 2022

The steak has been marinating for a few days now. The pan is heated. Franc’s stomach is rumbling. But Liza’s co-workers surprise her with a birthday party. Will she be home on time?

Regarder Oana

Dir. Sébastien Laundenbach, France, Belgium, 2009, 15 min, color
In French with English subtitles
US Premiere

Oana is working. Tonight her very last file will be closed. She does not want to translate the words of others anymore. She thinks tomorrow she wants to start writing her own words. But she doesn’t…