HD Screening
Molière’s Uncensored Tartuffe
by Comédie-Française

Directed by Ivo van Hove

US Premiere

Wednesday, March 30, 2022
FIAF Florence Gould Hall

In French with English subtitles

FIAF presents the Comédie-Française HD screening of Ivo van Hove’s visionary new interpretation of Tartuffe, which was broadcast widely across France in celebration of Molière’s 400 year legacy.

This US premiere gives audiences, a rare opportunity to experience the original banned version of the legendary playwright’s masterpiece, that outraged the Catholic Church in 1664.

In his quest for Christian perfection, the wealthy Orgon has welcomed the devout Tartuffe into his home to be a spiritual guide for the entire household. But unable to resist temptation himself, Tartuffe falls in love with Orgon’s wife. Caught in the act of confessing his desire to the beautiful Elmire, he descends into hypocrisy, driving the family to the brink of implosion…

Ivo van Hove reimagines the original version of Tartuffe, censored in 1664 by the King the day after its premiere and performed only once in its history. He turns up the controversy, producing a modern new staging that pushes the boundaries of classical theater.

2 hours and 20 minutes
Recommended for ages 14+

Download: Digital Program (pdf)


Claude Mathieu as Mme Pernelle, Orgon’s mother
Denis Podalydès as Orgon, Elmire’s husband
Loïc Corbery as Cléante, Orgon’s brother-in-law
Christophe Montenez as Tartuffe
Dominique Blanc as Dorine
Julien Frison as Damis, Orgon’s son
Marina Hands as Elmire, Orgon’s wife

Along with Vianney Arcel, Robin Azéma, Jérémy Berthoud, Héloïse Cholley, Fanny Jouffroy, and Emma Laristan

Creative Team

Directed by: Ivo van Hove
Dramaturgy: Koen Tachelet
Scenography and light: Jan Versweyveld
Costumes: An D’Huys
Original music: Alexandre Desplat
Musical collaboration: Solrey
Sound: Pierre Routin
Video: Renaud Rubiano
Make-up: Claire Cohen
Assistant direction: Laurent Delvert
Assistant scenography: Jordan Vincent
Assistant light: François Thouret


A unique and absolute reference in France, the troupe of the Comédie-Française is the oldest active theatre company in the world.

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    • Created upon the order of the King in 1680 through the merger of the actors of the Hôtel de Bourgogne and those of the Hôtel Guénégaud (Molière’s troupe), the Comédie-Française was established with the initial structure of the Société des Comédiens-Français. From Molière’s first companions up to today’s sociétaires, it has counted 537 actors. To date, the Comédie-Française Repertoire has accumulated nearly 3,500 plays. Constantly evolving, being revitalized and enriched by the contemporary works of each era, by its very nature it is never fixed.

      By encompassing diverse themes and subjects, eras and styles of writing for the theatre, the works of the Repertoire constitute memorial space for the dramatic arts that is constantly evolving and expanding over time to include the most varied styles of writing for the theatre.

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