Interactive Art Project
Aquatic Wonderland
with Emma Giuliani

Saturday, April 30–Sunday, May 1, 2022
FIAF Tinker Auditorium

Ages 6 & up • In English

Featured in The New York Times — 5 Things To Do This Weekend!

Let’s have fun in the sun on a day “At the Sea!” Artist Emma Giuliani invites kids to imagine their own ocean world and create illustrations inspired by her new book (At the Sea). Draw your favorite underwater animal or make a collage of an imaginary one.

By adding their own touches to this collaborative piece, young artists will create an aquatic wonderland together. Stop by the FIAF Tinker Auditorium throughout the TILT Kids Festival weekend to contribute to this group project!

Emma Giuliani

Emma Giuliani is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Paris.

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    • Emma Giuliani knows the book in all its facets very well. After studying book production, she became a graphic designer, then an author. It is with See the day, published in 2013 at Éditions des Grandes Personnes, that the adventure begins.

      Since then, Emma Giuliani has continued on her way, with success and happiness, sometimes solo as with Soap Bubbles and At the Sea, sometimes in the company of Carole Saturno for Egyptomania and Grecomania, books that are revolutionizing the approach to documentaries.

      All of her books have been received with great success and have been translated into many languages.