Interactive Performance
Broken Box Mime Theater
Destination: Nature

Saturday, April 30, 2022
FIAF Skyroom

Ages 4 & up • 45 min

Featured in The New York Times — 5 Things To Do This Weekend!

Broken Box Mime Theater returns to TILT with their newest show for families, Destination: Nature. Using their signature participatory style, they invite kids to jump up and mime from their seats while stretching their imaginations.

In homage to French great Marcel Marceau, each child will mime their favorite animals, bringing the wonders of our natural world into the FIAF Skyroom. The collection of stories told through movement and music includes a tale of sibling love, a chameleon on his lunch break, and a winding trip on the Metro that ties it all together.

Destination: Nature will be narrated in English by a speaking host to guide even the youngest theatergoers.

Broken Box Mime Theater

Broken Box Mime Theater (BKBX) is a collaborative theater company that performs original, contemporary short plays entirely through movement.

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    • Based in NYC and founded in 2011, BKBX reimagines French pantomime through the lens of contemporary US American theater. The diverse group of artists who call BKBX their artistic home believe in making innovative, provocative theater that erases the language barrier and champions the power of simplicity in performance. The short plays range from realistic to metaphorical, heart-wrenching to hilarious, and cinematic to intimate. Their mission is to activate the imaginations of their audiences, contemporize the art of mime, and remind us all of the power of simple storytelling.

      BKBXKids! is a division of BKBX, and aims to inspire unplugged creativity in children and families by way of joyful, movement-based storytelling. “We celebrate the power of shared imaginative experience and challenge audiences to explore new ways to create, connect, and communicate!”