Opening Night Shorts
Best of Annecy 2022

Friday, January 27, 2023

Festival Opening Night Party from 8:30–9:30pm
FIAF Florence Gould Hall

Mature Audiences

The Annecy International Animation Film Festival is the biggest animation film festival in the world. Every year it brings animation lovers from around the globe to discover the latest animated films by the best filmmakers and creators.

Straight from the 2022 edition and curated by the Annecy Festival team, this program includes a series of notable international award-winning shorts such as Steakhouse (Jury Award) and Amok (Cristal for a Short Film). The program is preceded by a tailor-made sequence created by students from Gobelins, l’École de l’Image (Paris).

Join us before the screening for an Opening Night Party from 8:30–9:30pm in Tinker Auditorium.

8 shorts, 75 min

Watch Closely

Dir. Bertil Svanekiaer, Daria Skripka, Julia Grupińska, Poornima Subramaniam, Yuan Liu, and Yufan Chen, color

In this animated opening made for The Annecy Festival 2022 by a student team at Gobelins, it’s just another day for the citizens in a modern Swiss town. Everyday life is following its normal course when a curious shadow passes by, reminding them of what is most important in life with every passing second.


NY Premiere
Dir. Sujin Moon, South Korea, 2022, 6 min 45, color
Without dialogue or commentary

What happens when you take on a different persona to fit into certain standards set by society? This short explores the story of a young woman who creates an alternate public-facing version for herself… But in the process she ends up overwhelmed by this false persona and starts to lose who she truly is.

Terra incognita

NY Premiere
Dir. Pernille and Adrian Dexter, Denmark, France, 2021, 20 min, color

What happens when uncivilized, immortal beings, living on a mysterious island are visited by the outside world?

The Record

NY Premiere
Dir. Jonathan Laskar, Switzerland, 2022, 8 min 44, color
In French with English subtitles

A traveler gives an antiques dealer a magical vinyl record which mysteriously reads minds, and plays forgotten memories.


Dir. Spela Cadez, Slovenia, Germany, France, 2021, 9 min 30 , color
In Slovenian with English subtitles

It’s dinner time, the steak has been marinating for a few days and is ready to be cooked. Franc’s stomach is rumbling, but Liza is late from work.

Of Wood

NY Premiere
Dir. Owen Klatte, USA, 2022, 6 min 59, color
Without dialogue or commentary

In this experimental short, images and objects come to life as they are carved from a large piece of round wood.

Anxious Body

Dir. Yoriko Mizushiri, France, Japan, 2021, 5 min 47, color
Without dialogue or commentary

Hand-drawn animation uses geometrical shapes and lines in order to present a film that explores the concept of touch, with scenes such as the clicking of a pen and a finger touching tape, morphing from one form to the next in such a way that it’s impossible to tear your eyes away.


US Premiere
Dir. Balazs Turai, Hungary, Romania, 2022, 14 min 17, color
Without dialogue or commentary

Following a freak accident where Clyde lost his fiancée and good looks, he now must confront his inner demons.