New Francophone Shorts: Program 1

Saturday, January 28, 2023
FIAF Florence Gould Hall

Ages 15 & up

This eclectic program of short films from new and established talent provide a unique perspective on the richness and diversity of animation coming out of both France and Canada today.

7 shorts, 74 min

Slipping Away (L'Air de rien)

NY Premiere
Dir. Gabriel Hénot Lefèvre, France, 2022, 14 min, color
Without dialogue or commentary

In a sanatorium by the sea, an old man’s life is disrupted by the arrival of a seagull. When the seagull becomes injured, the man finds his inner child as he lovingly tends to it.

Bad Seeds (Mauvaises Herbes)

Dir. Claude Cloutier, Canada, 2020, 6 min, color
Without dialogue or commentary

Bad Seeds takes us into a surprising world populated by carnivorous plants that are constantly changing their appearances in order to survive.

Shadow of the Butterflies (L'Ombre des Papillon)

Dir. Sofia El Khyari, France, Portugal, Qatar, 2022, 9 min, color
In Arabic with English subtitles

Obsessed by the memory of a past love, a woman takes refuge in butterflies, which populate a mysterious forest. In the grip of complex, bittersweet nostalgia, she blends together daydream and reality as she unconsciously prepares for a “rebirth” of her own.


US Premiere
Dir. Raphaëlle Stolz, Switzerland, France, 2022, 13 min, color
In Portuguese with English subtitles

A forgotten South American village wants to open a village cemetery but, unfortunately, no one ever dies in this village. Soon, a volunteer appears to be murdered, and the gathered villagers celebrate the event with passion, so intrigued by the idea of death that they have put life aside.

A Story for 2 Trumpets (Histoire pour 2 Trompettes)

NY Premiere
Dir. Amandine Meyer, France, 2021, 5 min 26, color
Without dialogue or commentary

The filmmaker creates an intimate story as she traces her development from being an infant to an adult woman and artist.

Letter to a pig

NY Premiere
Dir. Tal Kantor, France, Israel, 2021, 16 min, color
In Hebrew with English subtitles

Facing a class of teenagers, a Holocaust survivor tells the story of how a pig saved his life during the war. Listening intently, a young woman imagines the tragic version of these events in a film that explores themes of collective trauma, vengeance, human evil, and compassion.

Inglorious Liaisons (Les Liaisons foireuses)

US Premiere
Dir. Chloé Alliez, Violette Delvoye, France, Belgium, 2021, 11 min, color
In French with English subtitles

Tonight is the night of the big party for Lucie, Maya, and their friends. In this evening filled with alcohol, music and raging hormones, Maya and Lucie unexpectedly find they have hidden and confusing feelings for each other.