Video Games

Saturday & Sunday, January 28 & 29, 2023
FIAF Haskell Library

Throughout the festival, the FIAF Library will be free and open to the public to experience video games and virtual reality films from French studios and distributors.

This year’s video game selection includes a first look at the Dordogne prototype, A Plague Tale: Requiem, amongst others.

Video Games

  • Dordogne, Umanimation; Creator Cédric Babouche, 2023; Everyone
    • With this prototype of the video game Dordogne (to be released in 2023), discover a narrative adventure and embark on a vibrant journey of France’s famed Dordogne Valley. Using hundreds of hand-painted watercolors, this unique video game will immerse the player in the bold and colorful landscapes of the Dordogne region, awakening all of the senses and activating a sense of nostalgia for childhood adventure.

      Developed by Umanimation and published by Focus Home Interactive.

      Creator Cédric Babouche, 2023, France, color; Everyone.

  • A Plague Tale: Requiem, Asobo Studio; Dir. Kevin Choteau; Mature Audiences
    • Set in 14th century France during the Hundred Years’ war, join Amicia de Rune as she and her brother, Hugo, embark on an adventure in search of a cure for Hugo’s blood disease. In this sequel to the award-winning A Plague Tale: Innocence, Amicia and Hugo are still in the fight of their life as they flee from soldiers of the French Inquisition and from hordes of rats that are spreading the black plague. The goal? To reach an island that Hugo has been seeing in his dreams that promises a cure… La Cuna.

      Developed by Asobo Studio and published by Focus Entertainment.

      Dir. Kevin Choteau, France, color; Mature Audiences.

Student Video Games

Selection of works from graduating students of Cnam-Enjmin, France’s leading school for videogame and interactive digital media. Located in the town of Angouleme, Cnam-Enjmin is part of the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts.

  • Abel, Enjmin; 18+
    • Carl is in his apartment when he receives a strange call on the intercom to let in a person downstairs. Thinking it’s someone named Abel, he hastily takes the elevator down, but realizes he is not where he should be. A strange yet familiar place lies before him, with cryptic clues left for him. Where will this mysterious caller take him?

      Taslim Guerroumi (Programmer & Tech Artist)
      Yann Kukolewsky (Game Artist)
      Louis Guillaumeau (Sound Designer & Composer)
      Zoé (Stéphanie) Sempé (Game & Narrative Designer)
      Antoine Brousse (Producer)

  • Fired Up!, Enjmin; 10+
    • The house is on fire! Join forces with your friends in this 4-plyaer cooperative game to defeat the mischievous fire spirits, using ingenuity and items from around the house to put out the fire and save the neighborhood.

      Théophile Lauseig (Game Artist)
      Amaury Butaux (Game/Level Designer)
      Keltoum Marsli (Game/Level Designer & Sound Designer)
      Maxime Maurin (Programmer)
      Christopher Norton (UR/UX Designer)
      Liam Hô (Producer)
      Ethan Fillette (Music Composer & Sound Integrator)

  • 45°, Enjmin; 7+
    • Test your reflexes as a spaceship pilot in this 2-player geometric race. You earn points each time your opponent goes out of the camera’s range. Will you take the risk of going faster, or will you let your opponent outrun you? After 3 minutes, the player who has the most points wins!

      Amaury Butaux, Antoine Rey (Game Design)
      Anna Messerschmitt, Théophile Lauseig (Graphic Design)
      Robin Alonzo, Horion Raphaël (Programming)
      Evan Col-Eyraud (UX/UI)
      Dorian Desplats (Sound Design / Music Composer)
      Liam Hô (Project Management)

  • Bulle, Enjmin; 5+
    • Bulle is bored of her routine as a movie theater employee, so when she comes across an offer to be a forest ranger on the other side of the world, she seizes the opportunity. Follow Bulle in her exciting new life in a botanical park as she embarks on adventures. This playful game, to be downloaded directly to your smartphone, will enchant younger and older audiences alike.

      Julia Clement, Nicolas Zelvdelder (Game Designers)
      Laetitia Brun (Artist)
      Clara Toussaint (UX Designer)
      Hugo Warion-Saillant (Programmer)
      Yann Imbert (Sound Designer)

  • The Link, Enjmin; Mature Audience
    • It’s the year 2233, and Protecht Corporation is exploiting inforium, a new resource for manufacturing human synthetics discovered on the exoplanet Vili. As the wildlife becomes hostile to the mining, a creature breaks into the facility.

      The Team:
      Laëtitia Brun (Creature, character and communication)
      Gaëlle Rouau (Environment)
      Pierre Espaignet (Lighting, rig, animation and environment)
      Maëlys Schoepfer (Narrative and level design)
      Baptiste Bourgoin (System design)
      Enzo Giglio (Audio design)
      Benoit Toth (Programmer and tech art)
      Baptiste Rousserie (Programmer)
      Julien Vanderhaegen (Programmer)
      Léa Vitalone (User research)
      Axelle Briand (Project management)
      Clara Toussaint (User interface)

  • Along the Rift, Enjmin; 10+
    • 10 year old Maya and her parents are hiking in the mountains when suddenly she falls into a deep rift in the rock. In this narrative virtual reality adventure game, you will embody Maya—and all her fears, imaginations, and feelings—as she trying to find a way out with the distant help of her parents.

      The Team
      Julia Clement (Game & Narrative Designer)
      Paul Kessel (Game & Level Designer)
      Thomas Foucault, Simon Rozec (Programmers)
      Rebecca El Cheikh, Maximiliano Pereira, Doryan Woelfel (Game Artists)
      Martin Rabiller (Sound Designer & Composer)
      Minna Clair (User Researcher & UX Designer)
      Clara Toussaint (UI & UX Designer)
      Elisa Lowy (Producer)

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