Work in Progress
The Siren

La Sirène
A Conversation with Sepideh Farsi

Saturday, January 28, 2023
FIAF Skyroom

In English • 60 min

Award-winning Iranian filmmaker Sepideh Farsi presents a behind-the-scenes look at her upcoming film, The Siren. The history and contemporary society of Iran has always been the center of Farsi’s work (Red Rose, Tehran Without Permission), and The Siren is no exception.

Farsi utilizes animation to tell the story of Omid, a young boy living in Abadan during the 1980 Iraqi siege of the Iranian petrol city. Using drawings, stills, and clips, Farsi will discuss her way of adapting this story, written by the Iranian author Javad Djavahery, into an animated film, in collaboration with the graphic author, Zaven Najjar.

In this Work in Progress, Farsi will detail her artistic choices from character design to the color palette.

About Sepideh Farsi

Sepideh Farsi is an Iranian filmmaker.

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    • Farsi was drawn to the visual arts and initially experimented in photography before making her first short films. Her first two feature films, Dreams Of Dust and The Gaze premiered at Rotterdam in 2006. Farsi won the FIPRESCI Prize (2002), Cinéma du Réel and Traces de Vie prize (2001) for the documentary, Homi D. Sethna, and won Best documentary prize in Festival dei Popoli (2007) for Harat. In recent years, Farsi directed Red Rose (2014), Veils (2017), and I Will Cross Tomorrow (2019), amongst others.