Sunset Soirée at Le Bain

Wednesday, September 6, 2023
Le Bain at The Standard, High Line

FIAF’s Sunset Soirées are back! Join us for an evening of dance, music, cocktails, and conversation at Le Bain, one of New York’s most iconic rooftop clubs.

Dance to vibrant new mixes with DJs Camille BWR and Alex from Queens as they combine funk, rock, soul, and hip-hop at Le Bain’s chic penthouse club. Spanning decades and genres of music, the duo presents a new take on both French and international hits. Savor cocktails from the bar, speak a little French, and enjoy spectacular views of the city from the top of the Standard, High Line.

Camille BWR

Originally from France and based in New York City for nearly a decade, Camille BWR is a DJ, producer, vocalist, record dealer, and owner of the label Beef Wellington Records.

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    • Her style is a uniquely sexy, salient, and refreshing blend of disco, funk, soul, rock, hip-hop, house, Afrobeat, and rarities and gems from around the world spanning from the 1960s to the present day.

      She is in residence at The Lot Radio in Brooklyn, and you can catch her as a guest selector at renowned clubs and venues around the world, from New York’s Le Bain and Good Room, to Paris’ Silencio, Berlin’s Arkaoda and Sound Metaphors, and beyond.

      In 2020, Camille lent her voice to North Satellite’s single “Le Lagon Noir,” mixed and released by Metro Area’s Darshan Jesrani for his Startree label. Throughout the pandemic, she has been invited to perform at the exclusive virtual festivals Unlimited Nation: Mosaic and Transformation, curated and organized by the legendary Traxx of Chicago’s Nation Records.

Alex from Queens

With taste for days and stunning technical skills to match, Alex from Queens is one of New York’s finest DJs, and kills the old way. He has an insane record collection of gems spanning genres and is the mastermind behind the legendary Capriccio parties.

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    • Alex has an absurd vinyl collection as well as the skills to walk the talk, routinely taking out the lineups he is invited to join. Electronic music visionary JTC/Tadd Mullinix/Dabrye/Charles Manier wrote the following about a set he witnessed of Alex’s: “one of the most creative, potent, and seamless sessions I’ve heard. Ranking among the best sets by Carlos Souffront or Traxx.

      Through the cult Capriccio parties, Alex has added a fearless, intense, futuristic, experimental, transgressive, sexual and raw vibe to the scene in New York City, featuring the likes of Stingray, Traxx, Martin Rev, Juan Atkins, Carlos Souffront, Martial Canterel, Charles Manier, Veronica Vasicka, Hieroglyphic Being, NGLY, Patrick Russell, 51717, Silent Servant, and Jahillya Fields to name but a few.