Caroline Loeb
Françoise by Sagan

New York Premiere

Monday, November 6, 2023
FIAF Florence Gould Hall

In English

In this touching and audacious stage monologue, actress Caroline Loeb conveys the raw intensity and personal philosophies of famed French writer Françoise Sagan, who rocked French culture beginning at age 18 with her (then) scandalous 1954 novel Bonjour Tristesse. Sagan—a nom de plume taken from Proust—went on to a long and eventful career, including novels, plays, screenplays, and bold commentary on social issues. This compelling and often humorous production is based on Caroline Loeb’s adaptation of Je ne renie rien, a published collection of Sagan’s candid interviews across four decades.

Adapted by Caroline Loeb
Directed by Alex Lutz, in collaboration with Sophie Barjac

Approx. 70min

Caroline Loeb

Caroline Loeb is a French singer, actress, director, and writer. She made her name in the 1980s with the song “C’est la ouate.” Loeb has worked in theater and film for many years and is renowned for her brilliant stage direction.

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    • From 1982 onward, Caroline worked as a TV host and director of musical shows including Lio, Viktor Lazlo, and The Weepers Circus. In 1986 she released the song “C’est la ouate” which became instantly a world wide hit. In 2006, she published her first novel, Has Been, and returned to the stage in 2007 with Les Monologues du vagin, which she also directed. Since, she has released a few new albums, Crime parfait and Comme Sagan. In 2000, she collaborated with actress Judith Magre on the play Shirley which won the actress a Molière Award. In 2008 Loeb created the show Mistinguett, Madonna et moi, then George Sand, my vie, son oeuvre which both toured for several years in France and abroad. Since its success in the 1980s, the song C’est la ouate has been regularly re-released in Europe. After joining the Stars 80 troupe in 2012, she then directed singer Caroline Montier in two musical shows Barbara amoureuse and Greco, la femme. She has created a new musical show with Montier, Les Caroline, actually on tour.