Best of Annecy WTF 2023

Saturday, January 27, 2024
FIAF Florence Gould Hall

Recommended for Mature Audiences

Living up to its namesake, this out-of-the-ordinary late-night program featuring the best of Annecy International Animation Film Festival’s WTF 2023 films is steeped in dark humor, scares, and irreverent subject matter that will have you exclaiming “what the f*ck?” through your tears of joy and surprised shrieks. If you’re feeling adventurous, attend this lineup of 13 short films.

13 shorts, 65 min

Astéréotypie "Du vélo à St-Malo, du kayak à St-Briac"

Dir. Fabian Dores Pais, 2023, France, Color, DCP, 2 min 24

Have you ever seen a bilingual cow, a man-eating mallard duck, and a postman on a moped? Now you can say you have!


Dir. Patrick Ward, 2022, USA, Color, DCP, 6 min 08
Without dialogue or commentary

David’s biblical triumph over Goliath on the battlefield was called a miracle, but after a devastating injury, is David still the “giant killer” with a gift from God, or is he an old has-been?

Safe Mode "Nothin' to Worry About"

Dir. Justin Tomchuk, 2022, Canada, Color, DCP, 6 min 04 x 4 episodes
In English

In this episode of an ongoing surreal sci-fi web series, the three-headed Smear and his cohort Snooze are sent on a mission to locate and extinguish a strange threat.

The Rubbings of Trajectories

Dir. Cheng-Hsu Chung, 2023, Germany, Taiwan, Color, DCP, 3 min 58
In Mandarin with English subtitles

An intimate documentation of space and memory that invites viewers to slip into a person’s consciousness and experience the relationship between their surroundings and their interior world.


Dir. Paul Utkay, 2023, Canada, Color, DCP, 3 min 18
In French with English subtitles

A surreal exploration of a person’s tumultuous thoughts as—over the course of a very long night—they struggle to capture a moment of tranquility amidst their internal chaos.

Two Gracious Uncles Smooched to the Beat

Dir. Jon Dunleavy, 2023, United Kingdom, Color, DCP, 3 min
In English

An animated philosophical conflict between an artist and AI as told through a humourous lens, which explores the legitimacy of creative works made with modern tech tools. Who will win? Who has the moral high ground? Who cares?

Internet Gaga

Dir. Reinhold Bidner, 2023, Austria, Color, DCP, 2 min 17
In English

Once upon a time, we believed we would create a free and democratic place of endless knowledge through the Internet. Just a few downloads, swipes, and dislikes later, we now know that we massively failed.


Dir. Anton Cla, 2022, Belgium, Color, DCP, 12 min 25
Without dialogue or commentary

An old woman is carrying a shopping bag; a boy with a gun on his back is riding a scooter; birds are flying; a city is collapsing, and a party is in full swing.

All Is Lost

Dir. Carla Pereira Docampo, Juan Francisco Jacinto Prados, 2022, Spain, Color, DCP, 7 min
In Spanish with English subtitles

The Pérez family—while a bit dysfunctional—are almost normal; aside from the fact that the couple plans to fertilize an egg laid last night.

Uncle Babysitter 2

Dir. Tung Yin Ng, 2022, Hong Kong, Color, DCP, 5 min 57
In Cantonese with English subtitles

Following a brawl over a TV remote control, Uncle Tung accidentally kills his nephew.

Granny X

Dir. DD Sheahan, 2022, USA, Color, DCP, 5 min 55
In English

Granny X, a troubled nursing home resident with dementia, experiences an antihero’s awakening when she realizes that—beneath her fears—her full potential and every desire, are waiting to be liberated.


Dir. Ori Goldberg, 2023, Israel, Color, DCP, 3 min 54
Without dialogue or commentary

A wild, grotesque, exquisite, and carnal love song to monsters and f*cking.

Cocaine Piss "Cool Party"

Dir. Simon Medard, 2022, Belgium, Color, DCP, 2 min 25
Without dialogue or commentary

Directed by Simon Medard for the Belgian band Cocaine Piss, this green screen video takes a nostalgic, psychadelic look back at memorable raging parties.