New Francophone Shorts 1

Wednesday, January 24, 2024
FIAF Florence Gould Hall

Age 15+

The eclectic New Francophone Shorts (NFS) programs bring together the best of new animated creations from emerging and established filmmakers. Selections are chosen from lauded festivals including Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Anima—The Brussels Animation Film Festival, and Les sommets du cinéma d’animation.

These films are in competition for Best Francophone Short. This year’s jury is composed of film curator Marco de Blois, filmmaker and animator Candy Kugel, and illustrator Marcos Chin. The NFS programs are co-curated by filmmaker Michael Enright and festival curators Chloé Dheu and Delphine Selles-Alvarez.

9 shorts, 77 min

Honorable Mention, 2024 Animation First Film Festival Shorts Competition: Summer 96 (Été 96), dir. Mathilde Bédouet

The Girl with the Red Beret (La fille au béret rouge)

Dir. Janet Perlman, 2023, Canada, Color, DCP, 5 min
In English

A girl encounters an array of colorful, extravagant characters during a wild ride on the Montreal metro. This joyful film captures the city in all its vitality, creativity, and diversity, and is set to the soundtrack of Kate and Anna McGarrigle’s song “Complainte pour Ste-Catherine.”

Sunflower (Tournesol)

Dir. Natalia Chernysheva, 2023, France, Russia, Color, DCP, 4 min 20
Without dialogue or commentary

Daring viewers to look at their world in a new way, this film follows a romantic sunflower who sleeps all day as those around him bask in the light. He’s more inclined to gaze at the moon, and this leads to a newfound perspective.

Head in the Clouds (Tête en l'air)

Dir. Rémi Durin, 2023, France, Belgium, Color, DCP, 11 min
In French with English subtitles

Alfonso, a young squirrel, literally has his head in the clouds. He loves watching and taking photos of their mysterious formations. Despite the fact that his friends and family don’t always understand his compulsion, he’s driven to follow in the footsteps of some of the world’s greatest explorers.


Dir. Piotr Chmielewski, 2022, France, Poland, Color, DCP, 8 min
Without dialogue or commentary

NY Premiere

Told through the perspective of a crab trapped in a restaurant kitchen aquarium who observes the hectic humanity around him as he plots his escape.


Dir. Laen Sanches, 2022, France, Color, DCP, 1 min 37
Without dialogue or commentary

NY Premiere

The world of PLSTC is an undersea dystopia that submerges the viewer in the disturbing reality of plastic pollution in our oceans. By combining hand-drawn and AI images, viewers must confront the effect irresponsible and dangerous habits have had on marine life.

Summer 96 (Été 96)

Dir. Mathilde Bédouet, 2023, France, Color, DCP, 12 min 13
In French with English subtitles

US Premiere

Paul’s family and friends enjoy an annual picnic on Callot island. But a mistake made by his father turns this year’s carefree beach day into a forced night on the island, where Paul—occupying the space between child and adult—claims his individuality.

The Miracle

Dir. Nienke Deutz, 2023, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Color, DCP, 15 min
In English

NY Premiere

The Miracle is an all-inclusive resort where the sun always shines, offering endless opportunities to relax and feast in abundance. Shortly after Irma checks in, alone, she realizes the resort is designed for families. While wanting to enjoy her vacation, she struggles to relate to a place that is constantly confronting her with the things she doesn’t have.

Chasing Birds

Dir. Una Lorenzen, 2022, Canada, Iceland, Black & White, DCP, 8 min
Without dialogue or commentary

US Premiere

Inspired by the director’s struggles with anxiety and observations of her daughter, this story explores the disconnection between people and how change can be a terrifying and invigorating experience.

The Great Arc (La Grande Arche)

Dir. Camille Authouart, 2023, France, Color, DCP, 12 min
In French with English subtitles

NY Premiere

A hand-drawn ode to the multitudes contained by the La Défense art district of Paris, where the future is encroaching from all sides in the form of skyscrapers made of steel and glass.