Youth Event in Montclair
Story Time with Author Marie Darrieussecq

Sunday, April 7, 2024
Watchung Booksellers – The Kids' Room

In French and English

FIAF Montclair welcomes award-winning French author, Marie Darrieussecq for a French and English reading of two of her children’s books: Péronnille the Knight (Péronnille la chevalière), and The Dog Kibble (Le Chien Croquette), illustrated by Nelly Blumenthal.

Péronille the Knight (Péronnille la chevalière) | For children ages 6-7
Péronnille is a knight, that’s her job. She fights villains and defends kingdoms. In love with the prince with the mandolin, she must pass three tests to be able to marry him: slay the dragon, answer the riddle of the seven wise men, buy shaving cream in the land of the Barbers. Péronnille emerges victorious, but now the prince is making more demands!

The Dog Kibble (Le chien Croquette) | For children ages 4-5
“When I was little, my neighbors had a dog named Croquette. My mother and father didn’t want a dog. So I played with Croquette. One day the neighbor asked my mother and father if we could keep Croquette. The neighbor warned me: Croquette is a nice dog, but you should never, ever touch his kibble!” Finally a book that gives children hopes of one day owning a dog, while also giving hope to the parents that don’t want to own a dog.

The readings will be followed by an arts and crafts project.

This event is presented in partnership with Villa Albertine and Watchung Booksellers.

Marie Darrieussecq

Marie Darrieussecq is an award-winning French author and a leading voice in contemporary French literature. She’s one of the godmothers of the Bibliothèques sans frontières association. In 2008, with Albin Michel, she published her first children’s book, Péronnille La Chevalière (printed again in Panda Poche), then Le Chien Croquette, and L’aventure du dégât des eaux, illustrated by Nelly Blumenthal. Their last book together is Camélia, l’histoire d’une grenouille, published by the Museum of Natural History in Paris. Darrieussecq splits her time between Paris and the Basque Country. Her latest novel, Fabriquer une femme, (P.O.L, 2024) has enjoyed great critical success.