TCF Québec

Test de Connaissance du Français pour Québec

What is the TCF Québec?

The TCF for Québec is a specific version of the Test de Connaissance du Français (TCF) which has been elaborated by the France Education International based on the request of the Ministry of Immigration and Cultural Communities of Québec (MICC) to assess French language competency in those wishing to emigrate to Québec.

The TCF for Québec is composed of listening comprehension, oral expression and (as of 2013) optional reading comprehension and written expression modules (worth a maximum of 2 of 16 possible points corresponding to competency levels—see table below).

The six levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2) on a scale are defined by the Council of Europe (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

The candidate must achieve a minimum overall evaluated level of B2.

Points for Evaluated Level:

Module: Listening comprehension (29 questions – 25 mins)
A1 = 0 | A2 = 0 | B1 = 0 | B2 = 5 | C1 = 6 | C2 = 7

Module: Oral expression (3 tasks – 12 mins with evaluator)
A1 = 0 | A2 = 0 | B1 = 0 | B2 = 5 | C1 = 6 | C2 = 7

Module: Reading comprehension (29 questions – 45 mins)
A1 = 0 | A2 = 0 | B1 = 0 | B2 = 1 | C1 = 1 | C2 = 1

Module: Written expression (3 tasks – 1 hr)
A1 = 0 | A2 = 0 | B1 = 0 | B2 = 1 | C1 = 1 | C2 = 1

Total Points
A1 = 0 | A2 = 0 | B1 = 0 | B2 = 12 | C1 = 14 | C2 = 16

Your TCF for Québec certificate is only valid for your emigration application. You cannot use it for example for admission to a French university or for other purposes.

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Next Session

New session dates in 2023 to be determined. Please check back at the end of December 2022.


Listening Comprehension & Oral Expression
$200 FIAF Member / $215 Non-Member

Optional Listening Comprehension
$65 FIAF Member / $70 Non-Member

Optional Reading Comprehension
$65 FIAF Member / $70 Non-Member

Optional Oral Expression
$70 FIAF Member / $85 Non-Member

Optional Written Expression
$70 FIAF Member / $85 Non-Member

Fees must be paid in full at time of registration and are non-refundable. Please note there is a $5 administrative fee in addition to the exam fee.

Payment is made by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). You may pay over the phone (646-388-6691).

Safety Information

The health and well-being of our students, members, visitors, and staff are our number one priority.  We will be closely following strict guidelines recommended by the CDC and public health authorities regarding COVID-19.

More frequent building-wide cleaning schedule has been implemented.


Please complete the registration form below and email it to FIAF.

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Candidates must also submit a digital photo:
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Exams Manager: Mrs. Voahangy Siraisi, FIAF Language Center, 22 East 60th Street, New York, NY 10022

Exam session transfers are subject to a $50 fee and only permitted before the Registration Deadline of your original exam session. Any candidate who submits a transfer request after this Registration Deadline is subject to repay the full exam fee. Participation can only be transferred to the next session (without penalty) in the case of sickness, provided that a doctor’s note is mailed (not via email) within three days of the original Exam Date. If you have registered for an exam and need to transfer to another session, please email

FIAF reserves the right to cancel a session due to weather inclement or if the number of candidates does not exceed 10. All registrations will be moved to the next session.