Venue Rental Guidelines


The easiest and fastest way to get the process started is to fill out our online inquiry form. We have compiled all essential questions about your event for you to answer. It only takes a few minutes and will give us a better understanding of your ideal event.

We will then get back to you with a quote and catering options, if needed.

We will support you in the development of your event to make sure your needs are met.

If you need a bit more time to finalize your plans, we can always put a soft hold on a venue for you to give you the time you need.


Once the quote and options proposed are all set, we will prepare your contract.

Once signed, we will lock in the venue(s), date(s) and schedule the necessary staff for your event (house manager and all front the house staff, production team, sound and light engineers, projectionist, box office staff, etc.).

The contract needs to be returned signed in a timely manners so we can proceed with blocking your dates and working on the technical and staff subtleties of your event.

Our policy requires a deposit to be sent along with the signed contract. The deposit amount represents 50% of the total cost of the event. We accept payments made by credit cards, checks and wire transfers.


Once the contract is signed, we will put you in touch with our technical team if needed to make sure all your questions are answered and set up finalized.

Our events manager are also at your disposal to respond to your every need to guarantee a smooth and successful event.

Technical Guidelines

As opposed to many other venues in New York, FIAF does not have any hidden fees. Our prices include venue rental fees, labor, as well as any additional costs that might be incurred due to the size and scale of the event. Furthermore, our technical crew’s time and all standard equipment are included in our flat fee. There will be no surprises. Our production team will be ready to assist you in any way and our technicians will manage sound, lighting and projections for you.
And don’t worry, should you need additional equipment or specialized technicians, our production team will get on it right away and will provide you with a specific quote.

If you want detailed technical information about our venues, click on the links below:
Florence Gould Hall Theater: Tech Specs (pdf)
Tinker Auditorium: Tech Specs (pdf)
Le Skyroom: Tech Specs (pdf)

If you have any special needs or want any additional technical information about our venues, please make sure you schedule a tour of our venues with one of our Event Managers. While we ask our clients to fill out a tech sheet prior to their events, we can also put you in touch with our very own production team who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have to clear the air before your event.
Please note that the rental client must supply their own stage manager and run-of-shows, especially for theater, music and dance productions and presentations which utilize multiple cues for lighting & sound or performers.

Florence Gould Hall Theater:

A member of your staff or crew must be at the theater at your scheduled load-in time. Please be sure to tell us in advance if you need to use our freight elevator.
We will be happy to provide you with chairs on stage for your Q&As, a podiums/lecterns for your speeches, orchestra chairs, music stands, etcetera.
Along with Florence Gould Hall we are happy to let you use our green room and 2 dressing-rooms that include makeup mirrors and lighting, showers, restrooms and onstage video and audio feeds.
We also have the following equipment:
– White muslin cyclorama for the stage
– A cinema screen downstage and a presentation screen upstage. Also a confidence monitor on stage. Please refer to Tech Specs for details.
– 1 Steinway 9’ Grand D Piano
– 1 Steinway Upright Piano
Note: we are happy to let you use our pianos free of charge. We just require our clients to pay for tuning before use.

You can also bring your own backline, additional lighting and sound/projection equipment or have any rentals managed through our Production Management staff at an additional cost to clients.

The theater provides the use of our repertory light plot. Including conventional and LED units, 1K ETC Ion light board.
The theater is equipped with a high quality 32-channel digital sound system. There is no extra charge for the use of microphones. See Tech Specs for our microphone inventory.

The theater has a 2k digital cinema projector and a pair of 35mm projectors.
We also have a QLab video license for any of your non cinema movie files.
Movies files should be submitted to us in advance for ingestion and testing.
If you wish to project from a laptop, you may want to bring your own device and bring a backup of the media on a USB hard drive or a USB flash drive. We do provide a laptop onsite if you wish to use it.

We offer a hard line Ethernet connection for any of your live stream needs that you can add to your rental.
Note: You must provide your own livestream equipment and staffing.

All stage effects must be flame-proof.
No food or drinks (except water) are allowed in the Florence Gould Hall.
By law, no open flame, effects involving fire, pyrotechnics, or smoke/hazers/fog machines may be used in the theater.
Live animals are not permitted.
The stage will be clean and free of debris upon your arrival, and should be restored to the same condition at the end of your event.
Confetti, glitter or other materials that cannot be swept up completely should not be used in our venues.

Tinker Auditorium:

Tinker is a great venue for any reception. It has a variety of lighting options with a video projector and sound system.

Conventional 1K lighting units with several individual specials and washes. Excellent for step and repeats and parties. We also have LED string lights with a vintage look.

We have an analog setup perfect for iPod or media players with Spotify or Pandora along with two wireless handheld mics and a lectern for any intro remarks.

We have a simple video projector that can spice up any reception with a slide show or video. There are two 35mm projectors as well if you want to show any films with a classic appeal.

You are welcome to use our 2 gobo lights free of charge to project your logo on Tinker’s walls during your reception. All you need is your own gobo disk to insert in the projectors.

Le Skyroom:

Le Skyroom has dimmable lamps perfect for any party or presentation during the night time; otherwise, you have a beautiful view of 60th St. during the day with great natural lighting thanks to its floor to ceiling windows!

Skyroom has an analog sound system with two speakers located at the front of the room. Though the room is wildly acoustic, we have 4 wireless handheld mics for any presentation. There is also a leucite lectern in the venue with a mic handy for any kind of introduction.

Skyroom has a clear and beautiful 12k Lumen digital projector for any video content from movies, to short videos and PowerPoints with two HDMI ports. We also have an automatic pull down 12’X 12’ screen perfect for all 4:3 or 16:9 presentations. The venue is also equipped with retractable blinds to make your presentations visible at any time of the day.

FIAF is happy to take care of all your ticketing needs. Our full-service computerized Box Office is open for window sales beginning at 12 noon from Tues-Sat. On the day of your show, our Box Office windows will stay open until a half hour after your scheduled curtain time. If your event is on a Sunday or a Monday, we will work out the specific hours the Box Office will be open to service your event with you based on the curtain time, and specific needs of the type of event you are producing. Tickets are also available 24 hours a day on-line via Ticketmaster. Tickets may not be sold through any other website. In all of your marketing pieces, please direct your buyers to purchase tickets via our Box Office and Ticketmaster. Please read the following rules and guidelines very carefully and advise those involved in your production of their deadlines.

Our Box Office accepts cash and credit cards (American Express, MasterCard and Visa) as payment for tickets. Patrons purchasing tickets online will be charged a per-ticket service and handling fee that is scaled based on the ticket price. This fee is added to the ticket price. This fee does not apply to walk up sales. Ticketmaster does not take a percentage of your ticket sales or an event set-up fee. All monies made by them come from the Patron paid fees.

All advertised prices must include FIAF’s $1.00 Facility Fee. This fee is deducted regardless of how the ticket is sold. Complimentary tickets are not subject to this fee.

If you need seats to be held for subscription orders, media, etc., or if any seats will be displaced by equipment, etc., you must notify the box office using your Ticket Order Form prior to putting your show on sale. Once tickets have been sold, you must contact the Box Office to add or delete holds, as available. Please note that any videotaping of the performance will displace seats. The Ticket Order Form specifically outlines which seats will be lost to various technical needs.

FIAF reserves the use of 4 tickets in the Florence Gould Hall. For reserved seating events, these are Row H Seats 101-104. These will be released for general sale on the day of show if they are not used. FIAF is also required by the ADA law to hold back a certain number of wheelchair locations which will be released for general sale on a progressive basis if they are not used. In the Florence Gould Hall, these seats are all located in Row O. The Florence Gould Hall can accommodate up to 8 persons in wheelchairs.

If you are offering any discount to members of an organization, you must notify the Box Office manager in writing. Ideally all discounts will be conceived prior to putting your show on sale as part of its initial build, as adding discounts/promo codes after an event is on-sale can create delays in implementation.

You will need to present a typed alphabetical (by last name) Complimentary Ticket List to the Box Office. For general admission shows this must be done no later than three hours prior to curtain. For reserved seating shows this must be done by noon the day of the event. The Box Office manager will be happy to provide you with a template for your Guest List.

You must have a designated ticket representative stationed in close proximity to the Box Office beginning no later than one hour prior to curtain. This person must be available to the Box Office Manager at a moment’s notice and must have the authority to handle problems with consigned seats and to authorize emergency comps.
Unclaimed Will Call tickets and Guest List tickets will be left in the care of the House Manager for the remainder of the evening. At the end of the show, the House Manager will retain the unclaimed tickets for the Box Office staff to adjust COMPS and file the paid tickets in their unclaimed ticket box.
If you require extra Box Office service for a second act, marathon, etc., you must notify the Box Office manager and our Sales and Events Manager, Ben Blanc, no less than two weeks prior to your show.

Our Box Office manager will set up daily auto-reports for you from Ticketmaster once the event is on-sale. Auto-reports will include all sales made by all channels. Box Office staff can provide you with periodic updates of Ticketmaster buyers upon request, and after your event has closed will send you a complete Buyer list with contact information for your future marketing needs. Patrons who purchase directly at the Box Office as walk-up sales do not get their names recorded.

The Box Office Settlement Report will be issued to you no later than 4 weeks after the date of your final performance. If you have a recurring production with multiple performances over the course of a month, an appropriate settlement schedule for completed performances will be worked out with you. FIAF receives funds from Ticketmaster one week after the close of an event. Any outstanding invoices for last-minute Technical, House Management, or Catering needs are collected and turned in to our Accounting Department in this time. Our accountants review all items, creating the Box Office Settlement Report, line iteming any and all costs that may need to be deducted from the Box Office Gross. The report is then sent to you for review. Upon your acceptance with returned, signed copy, we will issue payment either by direct deposit or check.